Monday, May 9, 2011

Placemats III - Grandmother's Flowers

    There's one particular quilt pattern that has always moved me. Here's a photo I found on flickr that displays it beautifully. It's called Grandmother's Flower Garden. It's made up of hexagons that have been English paper-pieced into a beautiful arrangement. I want to make one. I found one on one of the blogs I read, and she called it her "lifetime quilt," presumably because of the amount of time it would take to cut, piece and quilt such a beautiful, inricate piece.

    Well, you know me! The best way to start a long journey is with a simple step forward. = )  So, this weekend I began the process ... and what better place to begin than--PLACEMATS!!!

    It's a small project where I can practice a difficult technique, not getting overwhelmed with the process. It's an opportunity for me to work out many of the kinks and see if I really want to bite off the larger project.

    Here are a few of the flowers I've made for my placemats. I figure I'll make 7 ... since there are seven of us who dine at the table ... Grandson, Jericho is still in the high chair. I figure only two flowers will fit on each. So, I'll need to make 14 flowers. Almost halfway done!! In my quest to have an ample supply of seasonal placemats--these will be our Summer placemats!

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Jane said...

Looking forward to seeing how these finish up & how you bind them. I love these little blocks too, and have a bunch waiting to either be used in a small project or added to for a large one. Yours are really pretty!

Paula said...

Like you, I've always loved the Grandmother's Flower Garden pattern. I think the idea of starting small with placemats is a great idea. I may just have to copy you! Love it.