Thursday, April 7, 2011


    A friend of ours got married mid-March and I decided to quilt them a set of  placemats to match their kitchen. I searched for and found this pattern on the internet. I found fat quarters and fabric for backing and binding at JoAnn's. I also decided to get enough of the backing fabric to make four cloth napkins to match!

    There was also another motivation for making the placemats. I figured it would be good practice cutting, piecing and quilting--only with a much smaller (code word for quicker to finish) project. I was right! They turned out really nice. I didn't take a photo of them, but ...

    Since they turned out so good, I thought I'd make a set for my daughter, Emily, and a set for my daughter-in-law, Hannah! I didn't get a photo of the ones I made for Emily, but here are pictures of the ones I did for Hannah. The first shot is the front, the second is the back, and the third is just a close up.


Katie @ Sew Many Mamas said...

I love the idea of quilting placemats! It's a project I may actually finish!

Deanna said...

Thanks, Katie. I finished them in just a few days. Plus, I figure it's great practice at hand-quilting.