Friday, April 1, 2011

A Quilter's Journey

    When I was a young girl, long before I got married, I loved quilts. I loved how they looked, pieced with care and precision. I loved how they seemed to have a sense of history, telling a story about the person who made it. I loved how the possibilities were endless with a quilt. You could change one fabric color or pattern, change the stiching. or thread. or batting thickness. and make something that looked entirely different.

    After marrying in the mid-1980's and having children soon after, I told myself that "one day" I'd start quilting. One day when I had more time. One day when the kids were in school all day. One day when I had an empty nest. One day when everything was settled. One day ... One day never seemed to arrive. Then ...

    Several months ago--long after the kids were married with families of their own--I got a phone call from my doctor. Cancer. I had cancer. A cancer diagnosis does some amazing things in one's heart and mind. Lots of things I'd never really thought about were suddenly smack dab in front of me, no longer could I avoid the issues. Things like ... what's really important?  what if I die sometime soon? what will my family remember of me long after I'm gone? what do I really want to do with the time God gives me?

    One day had arrived.

    One of the decisions I made about the life I have left on planet earth was to begin doing what I had longed for years to do. Quilt. So, last summer I borrowed a pattern from a dear quilting friend and bought the fat quarters I needed to begin my first quilt.

    Enter this blog. A way for me to share my Quilter's Journey, as I pursue a life-long dream. All the while, knowing that God will use my pursuit to help show me how to love Him ... and love people ... allowing me to use the creative ability He placed in me to serve others and glorify His Name.

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