Monday, April 4, 2011

Quilt #2: Belle

    Surgery for my cancer was scheduled for August 20th. The week before, Bev, Alice and I headed east to this local quilt shop. I think there were several purposes for the trip. One, to take my mind off the coming surgery. Two, to spend some time together before I went "under the knife." And, three, to see what goodies we could find!

    Oh, did I find some goodies!  Particularly, a book with a dozen or so patterns called, "Simplicity."  All the patterns are pretty simple (not to mention beautiful) and perfect for the beginner.  There was one that especially caught my eye, "Belle." It was absolutely perfect for a little girl--or a big girl, for that matter!  I decided to make the quilt for our granddaughter, Addison.

    I picked out 20 blue and pink print fat quarters for the  flowers, 7 different green print fat quarters for the stems,  3 yellow print fat quarters for the flower centers, and a white on white print to use for the background.

    I didn't really get too many of the pieces for Belle cut before my surgery. And, after my surgery I had to wait a quite a while to get back to cutting since my right arm was sore, swollen and pretty much useless. Then, four weeks after surgery, my chemotherapy began. The first treatment really knocked me on my butt. I learned to be a little more proactive in subsequent weeks, as well as how to better prepare myself for the required dose of poison. So, most weeks during my chemotherapy, I felt well enough to pursue my new hobby some.  All that to say, I really didn't get the bulk of the cutting done until probably some time late in November--some 3 months after I bought everything.

    Oh, well ... It's a process, right?  It's not a race. The point is to get it done well, with passion and joy.

    Hmmm. I think there's a life lesson in there. Pretty sure there's something God's telling me about my life ... especially my life in Him.

    It's a process. It's not a race. The point is to get it done well, with passion and joy.

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